Monday, October 11, 2010

Poll: What do you think about Sergio Ramos' Andalucian Joke?

Credits: Bharanithar

Another Prick In The Wall is also interested to know why you think what you think. So it would be swell if you can drop your choice and the reason for choosing in the "Comments" Section below.

Oh and In case you dont have a clue about what this Poll is talking about, you can read it by clicking on this link: Sergio Ramos' Andalucian Joke


Jitesh.. Jitu... G2 Or G!! said...

I mean like do we really care it was a off the cuff remark.. and it was to put the jouno in his place for being a doof!!

Maybe hes learning something from Mou :)

Ashay K. said...

I hope u selected the 3rd choice then :P

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