Sunday, September 12, 2010

7 Reasons why International Breaks Suck

  1. If you’re primarily a resident from a country that doesn’t belong to the top 50, you don’t give two hoots about meaningless friendlies and qualifiers
  2. The Infamous FIFA Virus which affects players of your club, especially if they play for Real Madrid or Arsenal
  3. It nullifies the morbo that was being carefully nurtured and built up to a crescendo
  4. If you’re the citizen of countries like England, there are chances that you will get to read about Rooney’s extra marital performance (or the lack of) rather than England’s performance
  5. If you happen to support a club that has had a poor result before the leagues break up for the International break, you will be treated to endless paranoia created and fed by sports dailies trying to meet their sales targets
  6. Acute Favorite Club Football Withdrawal Syndrome which affects you
  7. You have to listen to Platini who times his verbal bouts perfectly with FIFA’s International Break


zizowen said...

you forgot that you have to hear dumbass hobo's talk about how the players in their club are so awesome because they scored a goal or won against a team thats sooo hobo!

Ashay K. said...

Yeah lol, but that generally happens during tournaments. however with spain, it'll happen even wid friendlies and stuff seeing as every hobo team in the world wants to defeat them, and when they do, the hobo fans will be out in full numbers.

Dan* said...

not much into football but have too agree with the 2nd one... iam a big fan of Real Madrid

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