Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Two-Face Series

Another Prick In The Wall cannot resist taking the mickey out of football players, club managers or any of its associated acts. So I present to my beloved audience what I call "The Two-Face Series". It is a satirical viewpoint of the Jekyll and Hyde personalities that we see in Football; well not necessarily as bad as Hyde, but I assume you got the drift...

Of course, it would be stupid to assume that APTW will handle the entire pressure of presenting you football's two faces on a regular basis, so it would be prudent on your part too, to drop me a line occassionally lending me that idea which struck you a minute ago.

You can do so by:

a.) Dropping me a note in the comments section of APTW's Facebook Page
b.) Dropping me an email

NOTE: Due credits shall be given

And if what this series is, is still not clear to you, stay tuned. I daresay you'll figure it out very soon.


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