Monday, July 26, 2010

Guti (1995-2010) - 15 Years in Number 14

I have my favorite players in ronnie and zizou, but as a madridista, i've always preferred Guti over everyone else. Probably the fact that he's been a part of the club since the time he could kick a ball, or all that I-am-supreme-and-you-are-mortal attitude goes a long way in making him my favorite madrid player.
He is the only player i associate with being a true madrid player, someone who's always bled white. It's because he's got everything real madrid epitomizes: class, arrogance, cojones, attitude, pride and a never-say-die attitude and to top it all, Guti has always had ice in his veins. You can bring him on when the team's down by 3 goals and still expect him to salvage the situation. The amount of stars Guti has seen pass thru Madrid is unimaginable for any other player. Yet, he survived. It's truly a mark of a great player; his career numbers speak for themselves and as he leaves this institution, Guti doesnt have anything more to prove. He has played everywhere as a player except in defence and as a goalkeeper. He has done that, time and again, in his 15 years with the first team and 26 years overall (26 years is one less than my total age).

I cannot bring myself to imagine real madrid without Guti. Since the time I've followed the club, I've always seen Guti; his antics, his passes, his goals..both the crass and the class. I know when the chips are down, I'll always have that wishful thinking that "This would be the time Guti joins the fray and opens up the game", but Guti will never join the fray anymore. That is his legacy to us as fans; to keep remembering him.

Like he said in his last reveal-all press conference "I have no regrets about how my life turned out, if I had the chance to rewind it, this is still how I'd like it to be". Attitude, Class. Respect. Like the great Zidane commented, "Guti can do things with the ball even I or any other players cannot imagine".
You will never be forgotten, our (yet another) blonde arrow. Muchas Gracias, Guti. You will always be missed.

\Legend/ ..Respect.
In Guti's own words...

Thank you all. I leave knowing Real Madrid will always be my home. Part of my
heart stays here today. I would like to return after retiring as a player.

I would like to thank Real Madrid for being so good to me. I've been at the Club 24 years and I achieved something very important to me: to play for the best team in the world and grow both as a player and as a person at Real Madrid. I owe half my life to Club because it's been like a family to me. The values this shirt represents have all been instilled in me. I've had good and bad moments here, but the fans have always been there for me and I am very grateful. The fans are great and I've had a great connection with them over the years.

I know Madridismo loves me. The fans have given me a lot and we've shared many joys together. If they miss me then I've done a good job. I am about to begin a new and exciting stage in my career and I wish to enjoy being in a new country to the fullest. This has been a beautiful and glorious experience, but these things happen in football all the time. Younger players need to be given way and I feel proud and happy for having played here.

I'd like people to remember me for my passes and for having been a Madridista that gave his all for the team. I always wished to play for Real Madrid and I did my best to stay, refusing very tempting offers to play elsewhere. One of the best things I've experienced is the great mixture of star players and youth teamers on the team. I am proud of that.

I wouldnt have been able to achieve all this without my team-mates. My best relationships on the squad were with Raul and Alvaro Benito, who were also from the academy. Real Madrid have to promote players from the youth system. I know the Club is working hard on that. I'm sure new Gutis will come out of the academy.


Nikhil Rane said...

For the same reasons I totally love this man. and the fact he is absolutely loathed by catalans over and above every1 makes us like the man even more. A total footballer. \Respect/

Ashay K. said...

Total footballer...Guti used the number 14 because it was Johan Cruyff's number, and I can say that he's definitely done justice to the number.

zizowen said...

Guti shall come back to real im sure once he hangs his boots up forever, till then we wait.

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