Friday, July 9, 2010


Its almost a thumbrule in my sorry life to give a miss to Hindi movies because I hate the whole love-sing-dance-fuck (censored)-breakup-makeup routine woven into any kind of weird story possible. I also hate the poster boy of Bollywood, Shah Rukh Khan. That guy is a slimy git who made his name in Indian Cinema through plots bordering on the extra marital side of affairs and with little or no acting talent. And nowadays, he needs three to four actresses in each of his movies. As the days go on, instead of doing mature, real to life roles (and with age seemingly visible on his face), he has gone the opposite way with multiple lead actresses and portraying something akin to a college pass out kid or a poor man's Forrest Gump. And that is NOT the crap I like to watch. Oh did I mention I hate Aishwarya too? She looks like a bad avertisement of a female suffering from PMS.

Hindi movies which interest me are generally movies for which the Indian audience is not ready or which generally drop at the box office inspite of being critically acclaimed. And so this brings me to the enigma named Anurag Kashyap. I'm waiting with drawn breath for the release of Udaan which promises me to be yet another masterpiece by that genius script writer / director / producer. After all, he's the guy who brought us period classics like Satya, Kaun, Black Friday, Dev.D, & Gulaal. For me, he achieves with a shoestring budget what big banners like Yash Raj Chopra fail to do. His movies make you think, make you concentrate on the little things that he throws in (In Dev.D, Abhay Deol steps out of a pub and you see the poster of the slimy git starrer Devdas on one of the walls in the background) and they're such a refreshingly honest attempt at making movies. No, he hasnt paid me to go all dewy fingered over his upcoming release, but I feel that for a guy whose two movies (around the time he started his career) were blocked by the great Indian Censor Board, who incidentally are quite okay with passing crap like Teen Patti, he's done pretty well.

I think, its only because some section of that Indian audience does care...


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