Wednesday, July 7, 2010

So-U-R-In Zen

What is wrong with Facebook these days? I know it's just that way it has been programmed, and not one that would be looked upon as a flaw. But come on! You cannot suggest a Real Madrid fan that just because he "likes" the Real Madrid page, he should hit "like" for the FC Barcelona page as well. That's like asking St. Peter to operate the gates of Hell as well.

Talking about mutual hate, I was overjoyed to see Uruguay knocked out of the world cup by the effective dutch. The team which should not have been in the semi finals will most probably go home Empty Handed (note the pun) because they'll face either of Germany / Spain for the 3rd place play off. Justice is served and I think I should wind up my hate propoganda. Luis Suarez can take home the flawed Jabulani caressed in his skillful hands seeing as he doesnt know what to do with it with his feet; one less of 'em cursed balls would be good for the sport.. I did feel sorry for Diego Forlan though. He could've done better with a squad that was a shade better skillwise.

It's just struck me that this was one of the best summers I've had since the last four years, if you dont count the slight blip caused last summer by my club's free wheeling spending. Football simplifies Life. If you take out the other constants like family, friends and lifestyle obsession, you're left with one inexplicable thing. Your job. Why do you do it? I know why. I work so that I can earn to pay my TV and Internet bills, and probably save up for a visit to the Santiago Bernabeu.

That's all for now. Ciao.


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